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Oct 23, 2024

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OCT 2024

Top speakers from Retail sector
Connecting brands, tech, investors, start-ups
Themes: AI, collaboration platforms, agile innovation & more

Top speakers

Marco Krättli

Senior Industry Manager

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Karina Stump

Leader Category Management

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Lorenz Würgler

Head of E-Commerce

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Daniela Schneeberger


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Elena Bernini

Consumer Insight Manager

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Markus Müller


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Dagmar Jenni


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Fabio Molinari

Head of D2C

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Gabriele Perego

Chief Technology Officer

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Luca Pronzati

Chief Digital Technology Officer

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Luca Ravazzoni

Channel Team Senior Manager e-Commerce

Massimo Baggi

Marketing Director


Join us for an immersive exploration into the dynamic landscapes of retail at our upcoming event. Delve into the intricacies of Switzerland’s retail innovaiton scene while expanding your horizons to encompass European and global perspectives. Esteemed speakers from Food Retail, FMCG, Travel and Hospitality will offer invaluable insights.

Engage with a diverse community of C-level managers, representing brands, retailers, manufacturers, tech providers, investors, institutions, and startups. Discover the latest trends, forge meaningful connections, and cultivate innovative strategies to thrive in the ever-evolving world of retail. Don’t miss this opportunity to network and collaborate at the forefront of industry innovation.

Themes of

Artificial intelligence to revolutionize customer experience

Trending topic

AI accelerates content selection and
generation, providing relevant content while filtering out unnecessary information based on individual customer preferences. AI broadens opportunities to speed up the shopping experience and serve new journeys supporting personalization. It also empowers social listening and data gathering capabilities, enabling businesses
tracking consumer activities in-store,
predicting their needs, and visualizing complex trends in real-time

Collaboration platforms to test, co-create and exchange data

Boosting innovation

Retailers are gaining confidence in the advantages of establishing collaborative platforms that encourage fast-testing and foster an innovative mindset among their teams. These platforms could facilitate data sharing, co-investment in joint projects, and
continuous learning on consumer habits. Brands are discovering that open innovation, co-creation and a user-centric approach are the key principles underlying this ecosystem.

Promoting an agile culture to promote and diffuse innovation

Collaboration culture

Shifting from traditional structures to more collaborative and cross-functional teams is key to foster an open culture, promote knowledge sharing, and encourage employees to embrace change, agility, and continuous learning. Cultivating a “fail-first” culture that embraces experimentation and creativity
generates a safe environment for
employees to feel safe to take risks (it is important to reward the effort even if it does not always lead to immediate success)

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